My family and I are in permanent beta mode.

I was my first client

I have always been fascinated by productivity, especially when working on Wall Street over 20 years ago. Back then I was amazed how the simplest techniques could have the biggest impact on my day. For the last 8 years I have been running a technology consultancy, working one to one with clients to simplify and streamline their setups and workflows. I’ve seen hundreds of inboxes, desktops and todo lists of busy, successful people but also watched as too many struggle and waste time trying to boost their productivity using technology alone.

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What I offer you today is an insight into everything I have learned
– a more human and personalised take on productivity.

In the last few years, this approach has allowed me to finish a PhD whilst working full-time, grow a business at the same time as raising young kids. It’s also a safety net when things don’t go to plan. Sick kids, technology hiccups and other curve balls have the potential to derail well-planned timetables. But with the right productivity systems in place, I’ve found it’s easier to get back on track. In fact, I continuously test out new ideas on my own lifestyle to make sure they work. My family and I are in permanent beta mode.

Why you should be my next move

You haven’t arrived on this page of my website by accident. You know that there’s a better way to achieve more at work, while also enjoying more time doing what makes you happy. You’ve probably downloaded a few apps and read a couple of time management or productivity books. But somewhere along the way, those ideas and intentions got abandoned because you didn’t have time to implement the system properly. Ironic, really.

This is productivity for normal people

The efficiency techniques and tools you’ll learn from me are easy. They are simple, real-world and refreshingly free from ‘guru’ wisdom and efficiency evangelism. In a nutshell, productivity for normal people.