Welcome to a simpler, more personal approach to better productivity.

Welcome to a simpler, more personal approach to better productivity.

No apps.
No systems.
No books.

Just you. And me.

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I don't have your perfect
productivity system. You do.
I'll help you work out what it is.

Everyone has different circumstances and productivity goals, which is why off-the-shelf courses and apps often don’t deliver the expected results. That’s why so many people get frustrated and disenchanted in their search for greater output, structure and balance. I start by understanding what you want to achieve and then help you find an approach that’s right for you. Welcome to a more personal approach to productivity.

Untangle. Simplify. Focus.

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Untangle. Simplify. Focus.
Discover my effortlessly simple way to ensure consistent productivity

Confusion and complication get in the way of better productivity. As an art historian and technology consultant I’ve seen my fair share of bewildering intricacy. That’s why my route to better productivity is big on simplicity. Subscribe to my email-based course, Consistently Productive and together we’ll build a toolbox of techniques and tactics to help untangle complexity and keep you focused.

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Simple Truths,
Genuine stories about the untangling, liberating strategies delivered by my simple, personal approach.

My thoughts, new discoveries and news.

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